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“From its prologue in Vienna as the Anschluss approaches, this powerful, swiftly paced and deeply moving first novel by David Peretz is difficult to put down.”

- Ruth Gruber, author of "Raquela," "Haven," and "Exodus 1947" and many more wonderful books, reviewing in "Hadassah Magazine."

"On the surface, David Peretz's 'Mosel Legacy' is an adventurous, plot-driven cop thriller, albeit one with an unusual degree of historical, political and psychological savvy. But the book's greatest triumph is the manner in which it seamlessly interweaves philosophical themes of justice, retribution, heritage and identity into the gripping narrative. In the end, Mosel is a page-turner for the brain as much as for the heart."

- Seth Rogovoy, author of "Klezmer" and a soon-to-be-released biography of Bob Dylan, reviewing in "The Berkshire Eagle."

"A page-turner that goes straight to the heart and the conscience. Well-paced, beautifully written. David Peretz is a welcome newcomer to the world of suspenseful fiction."

- Ann Edwards, novelist and author of Streisand: A Biography.

"Brimming with suspense and excitement, 'The Mosel Legacy' is a powerhouse of a book. The storyline is exciting and Peretz knows how to hook the reader with a combination of poignancy and thrills."

- Toby Bromberg writing in "Romantic Times" (gave it four and a half stars, the same rating as "In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner" by Elizabeth George, an Inspector Lynley mystery).

Here's what one reader had to say about 'The Mosel Legacy': "Good morning Doc David, and thank you for your book, 'The Mosel Legacy.' Great read! I bought it from B&N and it arrived last week. Read a few chapters Sunday evening; read a few more chapters Monday evening; and then came the whammy — I was up until 2AM this morning finishing it off. Bleary-eyed today, but happy with a good read. Query: Were these folks real? I'm too tired today to look it all up (which I will probably do eventually). So how did you manage to break into my family's journals........Your story was a reflection of much in my life and that of my family. I hope to see it on the big screen some day. Thanks again for a great book..................."

- J.N.T., Attorney at Law in Charleston, West Virginia.

"Ross Cortese is back, and just when he thinks it is safe to breathe again, life knocks him for another loop. The characters are just as vibrant as in the first two novels, and once into it, you are hooked. I started the book Saturday evening; picked it up Sunday afternoon, and advised the family Sunday evening they could get take out for dinner - don't bother me until I finish this book! Peretz knows how to keep a reader on the edge of the seat, and interweaves history, crime drama, romance and just plain good writing into a most entertaining story. Better yet, there is room for expansion. Can't wait for the fourth installment."

- Jennifer T.

"This book is filled with action, romance and violence. The book was very addictive and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. The characters are colorful and creative and I was still thinking about them long after the book ended. This is a must read!"

- Tammy

"I really like the way that Peretz introduced each character so that way a reader that has not read his previous works understands the story. He also does a good job portraying the grief and stress that Cortese is going through with the fate of Willi, all while trying to solve a murder case. One of the things that I really enjoyed while reading the book was the dialogue especially between Cortese and Kelsey, his partner, you are able to get a better understanding of their friendship. I did find certain parts of the novel to be slow moving like the build up to them discovering who had murdered the landlords. Though in between the investigation the reader was discovering new developments with different characters that it still grabs your attention making you want to know more. The novel was thoroughly enjoyable, I am really interested in reading the first to novels by the author. It will appeal to anyone that likes crime investigations and enjoys making a connection with a character in a book. 5.0 out of 5 stars."

- NicoleDani

"This is a great read, and I think that it is a great display of the time, effort, and class that David Peretz brings to his writing. The words aren't just slapped onto the page to try and finish a book, but instead they read with the kind of precision timing and suspense that only master storytellers can achieve. This is why I am rating 'Vengeance Out Of The Shadows' at 4.8 solid stars. Great stuff!"

- Kevin L. F.