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"The Mosel Legacy" and "The Broderick Curse" - Two Thrilling Crime Novels

"The Mosel Legacy"

Vienna. March 1938. A desperate woman slips cautiously through the late-night street, clutching a bundle in her arms. Drunken Nazi supporters roam the streets like wild dogs, seeking confrontations with political opponents and Jews as they wait for Hitler's Wehrmacht to cross the border into Austria. Flash forward more than 50 years to New York City. Ross Cortese, an NYPD detective, down on his luck, needs money. He takes Polaroids of two unusual pieces of furniture in his possession to a major auction house to determine if they have value. In Vienna, Erich Hanfnagel, a wealthy businessman and collector, learns that important pieces of Secession furniture have surfaced. Determined to add them to his collection, he sends his daughter to New York. Ross's discovery at the auction house, his suspicions about his father, and a powerful attraction to the beautiful Willi Hanfnagel, propel him on a journey to Vienna. There, behind the magnificent baroque facade of the city in which Hitler learned his lessons in the use of anti-Semitism as a political weapon, neo-Nazi forces plot the overthrow of the government.

"The Broderick Curse"

"The Broderick Curse" features NYPD's Ross Cortese, joined by Sally McDevitt, ex-NYPD, now Chief of Detectives, Massachusetts State Police. A local man drops a fishing line through a hole chopped into an iced-over pond. The line grows taut; he tugs and pulls up a skeletal hand. The skeleton found behind the wheel of a Mercedes sedan buried beneath murky waters provides the first clue to a colder-than-cold case. The case heats up as Ross and Sal investigate a tangled web of greed, corporate deceit, boardroom and bedroom intrigue, international conspiracy, and murder.

"Vengeance: Out of the Shadows"

David Peretz, author of "The Mosel Legacy" and "The Broderick Curse," returns with the third in his series of Ross Cortese, NYPD cop thrillers. In successive weeks, two New York landlords have been shot to death, one in Central Park and one in Brooklyn. Could these be the acts of a disgruntled tenant, a business rival, or is there a serial killer out there? Ross calls on Detective Ruth Wilson to join the Squad and to assist with the investigation. Formerly a profiler for the FBI, she has recently moved to New York and joined the NYPD. Will the killer strike again, and if so, when and where?